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The Best Military Coins Collectibles

Military coins have many uses. They are used as a reward and identification in various military units. They are also used as collectibles by many enthusiasts. In fact, some old coins can be traded for a huge price.

So, if you’re one of the many people who are into collecting military coins, here’s an extensive list of challenge coins that you can add to your collection:

1. USN Navy Alaska SSBN-732 CPO Chief’s Mess

This challenge coin is expensive and it has a unique coin design and shape. It features an image of a strong man in a lotus or cross-legged position. This coin is expensive and it’s a bit difficult to find.

2. USS Constitution Old Iron sides Navy Frigate Challenge Coin

Military CoinsThis coin is made of bronze and it has the shape and the image of a ship. This coin is also expensive and it is one of the most sought after challenge coins.

3. Command Master Chief Fleet JMSDF Coin

This was made for the officers of the marines. This coin is made of high quality materials and it contains an illustration of a gold shell. This coin is one of the most expensive coins in the market today.

4. Jolly Roger Submarine Commemorative Coin

This coin was created to commemorate the Jolly Roger submarine challenge. This coin contains the portrait of a mermaid and an anchor. This is a special edition coin so it is a bit difficult to find.

5. Navy Seal Team 5 Challenge Coin

This coin was only distributed to certain marine officers. This coin is colorful and it is made of high quality materials.

6. US Secret Service Intelligence and Assessment Division Coin

This challenge coin was given to the few men and women working in the US Secret Service. This coin is extremely rare and too expensive, too. So, if you want to add something valuable and uncommon to your collection, you should definitely add this.

7. Commanding General Special Forces Airborne Challenge Coin

custom military coinsThis coin is only given to the commander general of the Special Forces Airborne of the United States Army. This is the reason why this coin is expensive and hard to find. It is every coin collector’s dream.

8. 82nd Airborne Coin Workhorse Special Forces

This coin is not only rare, it is unique, too. It has a workhorse design and it is made of high quality materials.

9. USS Norfolk SSN-714

This challenge coin contains the words “pride runs deep”. This coin is made with precision and passion. It has a glossy blue base and it contains the image of the American flag.

10. USS PONCE AFSB 15 Lion Navy Chief Copper

This coin is shaped after a fighting lion. It is made of bronze and copper and it is one of the most in demand military coins today.

11. Japanese Pinup Coin

This is a limited edition coin produced by the US navy. It contains an image of an anchor and a beautiful Japanese woman. This coin has a unique shape and design and it would be a good addition to your collection.

12. US Air Force MQ 9 Reaper Coin

This is a polished die cast coin that looks like a tiny airplane. It is one of the most in demand coins in the market right now and it is one of the collector’s favorites.

13. US Embassy Ecuador Coin

This is a vintage so it is extremely expensive. It is made of copper and bronze and it contains the seal of the US Department of State.

14. CIA Embossed Eagle Coin

This coin is made especially for CIA agents. This was produced in 1942 so it is one of the rare collectible items.

15. 57th Presidential Inauguration

Custom CoinsThis expensive coin was produced to commemorate the 57th inauguration of the president and the vice president of the United States.

16. Canadian Secret Intelligence Service Commemorative Coin

This coin is given to the members of the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. This coin is made of high quality materials.

17. USN Navy Seals Bone Frog

This coin has a unique shape and it is really expensive. This coin resembles the skeleton of a frog. It is made of high quality raw materials.

18. 17th SMMC Barrett Challenge Coin

This coin is almost $200 and it was given only to high ranking marine corps officials.

19. Interpol Police Logo Coin

This coin resembles a badge. It contains the logo of the international police logo.

If you’re a serious challenge coin collector, you must try to get these military coins – to know more, just head on to ChallengeCoins4Less.com.

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Author | Derek Swanson Comments | 0 Date | July 6, 2016