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Golf Clubs for Ladies

When it comes to choosing the right golf clubs, women golfers must undergo proper fitting especially if they are beginners. Due to the modern technological advances, you can now purchase the clubs that will enable you to get the ball in the air as you attain a more accurate shot that reaches a farther distance. When choosing which equipment to purchase, it is best to ask for the assistance of a pro or an experienced representative. The set you carry in your bag must be a mixture of irons, woods and hybrids.
The first challenge you will need to face if you want to become a better golfer is the way you hit the ball. When hitting the ball, make sure that the center of your club head will hit it squarely in order to achieve good contact. This area is called the sweet spot of the club head. You must avoid striking the ball with the heel or the toe of your club head. The distance that your golf ball can reach will dramatically be reduced if you hit it on the top or if you touch the ground (which can result to a flat shot).
golfAccording to the official rules of the United States Golf Association, players are allowed to have 14 golf clubs on their bags. That is already more than what you will need. For you to play like a professional golfer, you will need a good golf club combination. This includes a putter, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, wood with different lofts and the driver. It would be better if you replace your 3-, 4- and 5-iron with hybrid golf clubs which can help you achieve better hits. It is preferable for lower handicapped golfers to add a 5-iron and a 3-wood on their set.

Important Features

It is preferable for high-handicap women to opt for golf clubs with oversized club heads. Their tendency of missing a shot will be lesser because of the bigger sweet spot. If you want to make the ball go straighter, then perimeter weighting on the irons can help you. This can improve your shot even if you hit with its toe or heel. A club that has a wider sole and a larger loft can help you get the ball into the air more efficiently. Outside-in swings can be improved with the help of offset club heads. You will be able to hit the ball with a squarer clubface by using them because they can easily be kept that way while swinging. If you are looking to launch the ball and reach a farther distance, then hybrids and woods with more loft and lower center of gravity are what you need.
It will be easier for you to avoid making hooks by counteracting spin or curve shots if you use the ones with higher lofts. If you are one of the high handicap female golf players with low swing speeds, then you should opt for drivers that have flexible shafts, club heads that exceeds 430 cc, and have up to 15 degrees loft. This will not only improve your shot, it will also reduce your tendency of missing them.
When it comes to this sport, many women find it hard to develop their performance. There are various reasons behind this. Among them are lack of experience, improper way of swinging and lack of upper body strength. The good thing is that most of these issues can be improved with the help of the right equipment and features. By following the tips and guidelines you have learned in this article, you can be sure that your game performance will dramatically improve.

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Author | Mary Tucker Comments | 0 Date | May 24, 2016

Inspirational Safety Talks for People in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace is an issue that should concern everyone. Aside from keeping your employees safe, the observance of safety will positively impact other parts of your operation.

It will contribute to the overall efficiency of your workers that in turn increases the quality of their output. Moreover, additional costs associated with injuries in the workplace are significantly minimized.

This positive effect also extends to the families of your employees. Because your workers are in good physical shape they can continue to look after their family’s needs.

Leading the Way to Safety

sefty talksThe task of ensuring a safe workplace often falls on the shoulders of a safety leader. However, the work of a safety leader will be more effective when everyone in the company is committed to the same vision.

Hence, if you are the safety leader it will be in your company’s best interest to conduct regular safety talks. These dialogues should involve top management as well as rank and file.

Your guidelines for safety should be objective, consistent, and practical. These criteria will ensure that people will accept and apply the safety guidelines in the course of their work.

As a responsible leader, your safety talks will be useless if you cannot put into practice your own rules. People are more likely to abide by the standards if they see you doing your part also.

Get others involved as well by employing the help of your staff. They will be your eyes and help you implement the guidelines. At the same time, encourage them to give their own ideas and suggestions. In this manner, they become part of the solution too.

Make your safety talks fresh and up to date through the use of the latest technology. An interactive presentation provides greater interest and recall for your participants.

Impart to your audience that safety is a team effort. Your actions should take into consideration the hazards faced by your team as they work. So it is important that you are fully aware of their responsibilities and experiences.

As safety leader, you need to play an active role in the implementation of guidelines. Your efforts should also incorporate discipline and recognition. Instill discipline among workers in following the guidelines.

Discipline should be enforced in instances when there is a clear violation of the rules. In particular, cases that involve individuals whose actions may have placed themselves or others at risk.

At the same time, recognize the efforts of individuals who comply and also go the extra mile to practice safety.

How to Make Safety Important to Others

speakerThe successful implementation of safety guidelines will necessitate the active participation of employees. Do your best to inspire others with the same passion you have for safety, in this manner they become more mindful of their actions.

As a result, they will have a better understanding of why the guidelines are in place. Furthermore, they know the consequences that might befall them if they choose to ignore the guidelines. Making safety important to others can be achieved by employing any or all of the following tips.

–    Create safety committees and conduct regular meetings that will tackle any issue or concern throughout the work area

–    Appoint safety representatives who would represent and speak on behalf of their respective departments

–    Assign select employees to serve as trainers since they would be most knowledgeable in their respective field to train others about a new method or practice to be implemented

–    Solicit ideas from your staff shows how much the company values their insight, for example, ask them to take part in the selection process when purchasing tools.

Safety talks provide the opportune venue to empower your workforce and ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

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Author | Ruth Harmon Comments | 1 Date | May 13, 2016